The textile Revolution has started:
The first High-Performance Bionic Fiber
with true Environmental Integrity

Our reason to Exist

Bridging opposites: The Biosteel® solution

The unsolved dilemma of the textile industry is the existence of two mutually exclusive trends: On one side there is a need for ever more performance and light-weight products, while on the other hand the demand for environmentally sound solutions is constantly increasing. With the fibers available today this dilemma cannot be solved.

Our Biosteel® fiber defines a totally new and unique category: 
It combines (r)evolutionary science with true environmental integrity.

The result: the first bionic high-performance fiber – biofabricated in Germany

The Biosteel® Story

Fascinating by nature

We believe that nature has all the answers to every question of humanity.
One perfect example for that is spider silk – a material with tremendous properties.

Extremely tough
A spider web made of pencil-thick spider silk fiber can catch a fully loaded Jumbo Jet Boeing 747 with a weight of 380 tons.

Extremely light weight
A product constructed with Biosteel® yarn can be reduced in weight by up to 30 % in comparison to products made from common fibers.

Extremely skin-friendly
Spider silk is anti-allergen, highly breathable and performs a perfect moisture management. It was already used in ancient times for dressings and bandages.

Truly sustainable
Spider silk is biocompatible, vegan and 100% biodegradable.

It’s not without reason that it took Mother Earth 300 million years development time to make it perfect. We added 200.000 hours of engineering in our Biosteel® laboratories to optimize this astonishing product of nature:

With our Biosteel® fiber we are the first to provide nature-identical silk in high-quality industrial biofabrication.

High Performance

Good for You – Good for the Planet

Our Biosteel® fiber outperforms any existing fiber through its high performance set paired with unrivalled ecological assessment.

Biosteel® features
Biosteel® benefits
100% biodegradableVeganProduced with renewable resources
Environmental integrityGood for users – good for the planet
Better performanceLow carbon footprint
Increased strength and durability
Increased comfort and flexibility
Silky skin feel
Highest skin sensation and well-being
Active moisture management
Dryness and comfort
Odor control
Less bad smelling and longer wearing time


AMSilk Announces Partnership with Airbus to Develop the Next Generation of Composite Fibers for Lightweight, high-performance Planes

The leading aerospace company Airbus and advanced biolpolymers producer AMSilk partner to develop the first composite material made of bionic high-performance Biosteel® fiber.

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Detlev Konigorski, Airbus Innovation Manager for Emerging Technologies and Concepts:

"We haven't even begun to scratch the surface here. Ultimately, this material could enable us to approach design and construction in an entirely new fashion."

adidas unveils Futurecraft Biofabric – the world's first performance shoe made from biosteel® fiber

James Carnes, Vice President of Strategy Creation at adidas about the new Biosteel® product:

“In a year of ground-breaking innovations from adidas, the announcement of our partnership with AMSilk – and the unveiling of the adidas Futurecraft Biofabric shoe – is another step in our commitment to redefining the sports industry. By using Biosteel® fiber in our products, we achieved an unrivalled level of sustainability.” 

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Smart Versatility

Hurrah for Diversity: The Biosteel® Applications

Depending on the product application, the core benefits of the Biosteel® fiber can be individually adapted by our bioengineers. Our vision is to offer a unique set of product features and benefits. For high-performance technical solution and environmental integrity. 


Ultimate active sports footwear which enhances speed and endurance

Home + Interior

New generation of furniture design


High performance active sports apparel which outperforms natural fiber based products


Premium Interior Application with outstanding Features

Technical Textiles



Natural and individual comfort with light weight and perfect moisture management

Biofabricated in Germany

Where engineering revolutions come from

With its totally unique and integrated process from the pioneering protein production all the way to the fiber spinning, our Biosteel® fiber offers customers high-tech biofabrication made by AMSilk: We are the first brand to successfully commercialize the industrial biofabrication of nature-identical silk for textiles. We will be constantly driving the category further.

We have been producing bulk material on a large industrial scale since 2014. Our production of biopolymers runs with bioreactors of more than 50.000 liter capacity.

That’s what we call truly sustainable: The Biosteel® process developed by AMSilk is completely produced with renewable resources.

Our technology is based on German engineering and is supported by leading European Technology Specialists, Textile Engineers and Institutes. To assure best results and safe processes, our Quality Management System is approved by ISO 9001.

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